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At Cosmetic Dentist of Katy, we offer a wide range of services

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Dr. Bui graduated from University of Texas with a Doctor of Dental Surgery

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In this view, we can inspect the bite of the patient in centric.

At Cosmetic Dentist of Katy, we don’t want to be just your dentist, we want to be your very best friend.

At Cosmetic Dentist of Katy, we offer a wide range of services ranging from family dentistry to TMJ treatment and full mouth cosmetic reconstruction. Our state of the art facility, experienced staffs and specialist will be able to accurately diagnose your problems and implement the most practical and perhaps the best treatment available. Our work are warrant and upon your request Dr. Bui can present a similar case from another patient. We offers flexible payment plan to make your treatment affordable to you with a small monthly payment. Most important of all, our preventive, conservative approach to dentistry will ensure your beautiful smile will last a life time. Thank you for your trust and we are always open to your suggestions.

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We also offer treatments that improve the appearance of your smile – giving you the confidence boost you deserve.
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About- Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S., M.S

Dinh X. Bui graduated in 1995 from University of Texas with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, followed by a Master of Science program with thesis in Periodontics in 1998. Read More


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